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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Before and After

OMG I almost forgot! A couple of posts ago I said I would show before/after pics of some sewing rooms I've reorganized in my new business. My friend Carol has a fabulous space and whipping in and out of her room to do projects in a hurry had made the clutter grow and take over. She just didn't know where to begin to unclutter. We had a great time working in there together and after 2 full days, we felt really happy with the results. This job is so gratifying! Don't think I'll be moving any more pianos though!! UGH! That 1889 model was HEAVY!

Carol had already done all the painting and decorating so the room just needed tidying and weeding out. Looks great now and it motivated her to continue on in several other rooms! I'll show you my sewing room tomorrow.

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