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Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Studio

OH MY GOSH AM I EXCITED!!! Hubby put my new shelving together that we bought at IKEA in Seattle so after a day-and-a-half I finally got it all organized.  Love the new storage! 
Both machines have their own 1950's vintage tables...they are so sturdy!
The computer corner.  The fam can still be at the computer but not in my way and I don't have to push a sewing machine out of the way to make room for the laptop anymore when I'm writing patterns!
The new cutting table is "THE BOMB"!  FYI:  That's the teen saying for "Awsome" these days!  Most of my fabrics are stored in the boxes in the cubbies by color.
My faborite books are at eye level at right at "the ready"!
Design assistant Chloe, exhausted after all that organizing!

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