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Monday, August 23, 2010

Nancy and Jo

Aren't these gals beautiful? And smart too! Both are editors, authors, visionaries, moms, creative souls, entrepreneurs, etc,etc,etc! They are the co-founders of The Creative Connection event coming up in September in Minneapolis. You wouldn't believe the work they have done and the team they have put together to make this incredible event happen. This is sure to be the art event of the year! Can you tell I'm excited to go? I realize that's all I talk about anymore but my whole summer has been spent gearing up for this event. I've been working hard getting things designed, written, printed, cut, decorated, developed, sewn, created, packed and shipped!! Whew! Even put the fam to work: son is the computer extrodinaire, hubby building displays for booth and ordering supplies, teenage girls are sewing and helping with computer work and of course Chloe the design assistant is...well... fast asleep at the moment!! Darn dog! Click on Nancy and Jo's websites on my sidebar to read all about the happenings at this fun event!

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