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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Farm Chicks Christmas

I just love Christmas books! The bookshelves in my studio are full of them, keep them "at the ready" all year. I get them out year, after year, after year...Purchased this one at The Creative Connection. Forgot to bring it to the book signing to have Serena sign it - Dang! This time of year I really get excited to decorate for Christmas so I place the book or magazine I'm inspired by that day, open to the page that's "grabbing me" and then I study it off and on all day.

This was yesterday's inspiring page. Guess we're going to have to start collecting those darling metal toy trucks AND shiny metallic green Christmas trees and wreaths AND.....

And this was today's page. The colors are so happy and it feels quite retro to me. Probably the ribbon candy and red hots! Can you tell what decade I was born in? hee hee Totally takes me back - Sigh
Visit Serena's blog - it will make you smile!


  1. Thanks for sharing, what a delight!

  2. I love Christmas books as well :) Can't wait to get my copy of Serena's book!