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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holidays With Matthew Mead

Have you seen the info for the new book-a-zine Matthew Mead is putting out soon? Remember him...used to be a contributing editor for Country Home Magazine? Well you just have to pop on over to his blog and see what he, his wife Jennifer and their team have been up to all year! Should be fabulous if these teaser pictures are any indication!

This new magazine just went to the printer and should be in mailboxes shortly. The only way to order it is to go to his site and order online only.

 This is a taste of what Matthew says his new book-a-zine will be like...a post from his blog dated Oct.18.

Monday, October 18, 2010

We all know publishing has changed these last few years and I have to say that after perusing the latest installments of what's left of the shelter and lifestyle magazines many are short on ideas and content and filled with ads for laundry detergent, flooring and dolls (all not terribly inspiring).

What we are doing with HOLIDAY is something new and different. We have a few very special sponsors in the home and lifestyle genre and then many, many pages of stories and ideas. I want to assure you that all of the content was created specifically for this issue and has never been seen anywhere else. It is NOT a collection of reprinted material, and it is part of my commitment to you, the readers, to only use fresh material to entertain, inspire and engage you in everything HOLIDAY.

This week, the issue will go through its final proofing phases and I am hopeful that by Friday it will be in print and bound and in my hands. The cover is still cloaked in mystery because I feel that it is such a big part of the surprise. I may cave on that but I am not sure yet. We will visit the printer this week and take shots of the magazine as it runs on the press... We will number and date the first hundred copies and place some in archival boxes for our own time capsule. This is a big moment for me and I am looking to savor every aspect of it.


Holiday with Matthew Mead is sold only via his website.
Have you ordered your copy yet?
Visit his blog for a fun look at behind-the-scenes and to order your very own copy.

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  1. Hi Charmaine,
    Thank you so much for helping spread the word about my new magazine!
    Matthew Mead