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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas at My House

Well I think I'm finally done decorating for Christmas. Here are a few pics of the main living areas which are all open in one big area; living, dining, kitchen. Really feelin the red color this year so kinda overdosed on that. Oh well...I like it. Who cares what the teenagers that live here think (although they certainly give their opinions on the matter)! I think they're just glad all the Christmas boxes are put away for awhile.

Main tree

Dining Room

Living Room

Cabinet hubby made

Dining Room Cabinet

Living Room and Kitchen

My Grandma's Marble-Top Dresser in Entry

Isn't this too cute?! My friend Cathee found these milk bottles at an auction and bid on them for me. They even have my name on them...CRAZY! Not a very common name!

Love these little Shiny Bright miniature ball ornaments of my Grandma's. The box says they cost 19 cents!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fun Merchandising

Don't you just love this cute little candy shop? I would like to pop right into this place and wallow in candy and "cute" for a while! I'll have to find the name of this place again...I know it's in England anyway. Love what all they did with their displays, may even need to "share" the idea of the triangular shelf on the left. As always, you can click on the pic to view it larger.

Such a happy place!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Fancy Farmgirl

 This darling smiley girl is Tiffany, The Fancy Farmgirl! She was one of the photographers at The Creative Connection I attended as a vendor in Minneapolis in Sept. She also pitched in alot of other places too. Here she is with Nancy Soriano, co-founder of The Creative Connection. They are busy stuffing folders for event attendees the day before all the "real" festivities began.
They were working so fast their hands were a blur!

Tiffany with her friends Jessi and Jen
You really need to check out Tiffany's chicken coop on her blog! It is by far THE CUTEST CHICKEN COOP I've ever seen! While you're at it, read about the rest of her beautiful life on that blog too...she is quite the inspiration!! One of the perkiest gals at the event I would have to say! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Peeps

I love my peeps (my people)! We are all great friends. Known each other for years, cried together, laughed together, gotten into a little trouble together, shopped get the idea. We get together once-a-week for a bible study and I've missed the last 2 weeks because I have been out of town for my Emily's surgery. The peeps asked if they could bring a salad lunch to my house for this weeks study so Emily and I could be part of it. Well...I wasn't expecting what. happened. at. all!

To give you a little background first, I had been saying a few weeks ago that Nov. might be a tough month because a year ago on the 3rd my dear sweet mom had a stroke. One week later she died on the 9th. This year we traveled to Spokane, WA on the 3rd for Emily's hip surgery. Brought her home on the 9th. But I told the peeps that the really good thing about November was that it was the 5 year anniversary of when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So 5 years cancer free was the good thing!

Here's how they showed up today for "bible study"!!!

Crystal, Carol, Mel, Bev, June, Terre, and me. Oh and Chloe just had to get in the picture with June!

A picture of picture takers.

Crystal and "The Pinks". Hey that could be a new rock group - Crystal and The Pinks! hee hee
Emily and Junie B.

Mel and Junie B.

Emily and Terre
Crystal and Terre
Aren't they too cute? I soooo needed this party today and am so grateful that God always knows when I need my peeps!! Such Blessings!!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Crazy!

This is Kristen.

Kristen is up on the roof!

She absolutely loves to help her dad put Christmas lights up on the house and on "the shop" (a lovely extra garage out back where my hubby builds things and tinkers). Her reward at the end of light-hanging is to be able to jump from the shop roof onto the trampoline!

Front porch in progress.

Living room shelf re-do. Father-in-law made this beautiful plate rack for me years ago. It was a nice pine but when we moved it really started singing after I painted it black. See, you don't have to go out and buy new...just give something a coat of paint!

Fun cabinet in the kitchen is so fun to "mess with" and change out for the seasons and holidays. Got the inspiration for this one from The Farm Chicks Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas! Our house just looks its best when it gets all dressed up for the holidays! If you follow this blog at all you may have noticed that right after Halloween, the background colors changed to red and green. The kids and I have been so anxious to decorate for Christmas this year which, as Martha says, "is a Good Thing". Mainly because exactly a year ago my mom passed away unexpectedly from a stroke. We just sorta went through the motions during the holidays last year so this year is much better! Emily is home from her hip surgery in Spokane, doing better each day and we are looking forward to colder temps this week and maybe a little snow. Why not? We are just snug as bugs in rugs here! Maybe we'll even bake a few cookies. I may be a Christmas Crazy but most of the Santas and the big tree aren't going up until Thanksgiving. I know I start really early but it's our favorite time of year so why not enjoy, for a good length of time, all the hard work it takes to put it up? Been listening to Christmas music for at least 2 months now! hee hee
Getting back to Kristen Noel...that cute girl on the roof...her birthday is on Christmas day! Maybe that's why she loves to get the holiday rollin! Can't believe my "baby" will be 15!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Design Dazzle

If I was in a painful state physically and had to "go to a happy place" to focus my mind on something else, this would be a place where I would like to "go". So serene and cheerful. Love the dresser being used as a side server and I'm always smitten with Chinese lanterns. 
Photo from the blog Design Dazzle
My daughter recently had surgery and of course they gave her the ever-dreaded IV just prior to surgery. She HATES needles and has been known to faint. Well, we try to distract her attention away from that torturous procedure and I kept telling her, "Emily go to the Christmas Cottage".We had just been perusing a new Christmas magazine from Southern Lady and both of us fell in love with this darling cottage.

Photo from Cristmas Cottage by Southern Lady

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Little Break at Chaps!

As you may know from previous post, I am in Spokane, WA at the Shriner's Hospital with my daughter Emily who had hip surgery 2 days ago. She is doing quite well and last night got up to the recliner! Woo Hoo! She may try the crutches today. She was doing well enough yesterday and her dad was still here so I slipped out for an hour and zipped on over to Chaps. THE CUTEST restaurant and bakery and only a few minutes from the hospital! One of our fun nurses insisted that I go and even led me to the easiest access to the interstate (since downtown roads are under construction). She was so sweet to drive on her break to show me the way! This nurse and I became "quilting buddies" a year and a-half ago when Emily had spinal surgery for scoliosis here. The Shriner's staff here is all SO WONDERFUL!!! Well I was so thrilled to get to go and I took my copy of Farm Chicks Christmas book (that I bought at The Creative Connection) for Serena and her friends to sign. They are all SOOOO DARLING! Celeste of Chaps even sent a darling Farm Chicks tank top for my Emily. She loves it and sent a photo of it to her sister this a.m. (of course I had to get one for Emily's younger sister)! They can't wait to wear them!

I've been thinking about how joyous that event felt yesterday and think I might head there for lunch today!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

As you can see Kristen (right) and her friend Kelsey had a lovely time carving pumpkins on Sunday afternoon.

Then they donned their scarecrow costumes and prepared the front porch so there would be a spot for them to "plop" and wait to scare trick-or-treaters.
My folks bought these creepy masks about 35 years ago and we've all put them to good use!

They would wait til kids got their candy and as they were saying thank you the girls would lunge forward and and scare them! It was a riot! Hubby and I were howling! We do have scruples...if little kids were around 4 or under they wouldn't scare them. Aren't we sweet? They did make one cry though - I felt so bad. But we made sure she knew they were just my big kids.