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Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Crazy!

This is Kristen.

Kristen is up on the roof!

She absolutely loves to help her dad put Christmas lights up on the house and on "the shop" (a lovely extra garage out back where my hubby builds things and tinkers). Her reward at the end of light-hanging is to be able to jump from the shop roof onto the trampoline!

Front porch in progress.

Living room shelf re-do. Father-in-law made this beautiful plate rack for me years ago. It was a nice pine but when we moved it really started singing after I painted it black. See, you don't have to go out and buy new...just give something a coat of paint!

Fun cabinet in the kitchen is so fun to "mess with" and change out for the seasons and holidays. Got the inspiration for this one from The Farm Chicks Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas! Our house just looks its best when it gets all dressed up for the holidays! If you follow this blog at all you may have noticed that right after Halloween, the background colors changed to red and green. The kids and I have been so anxious to decorate for Christmas this year which, as Martha says, "is a Good Thing". Mainly because exactly a year ago my mom passed away unexpectedly from a stroke. We just sorta went through the motions during the holidays last year so this year is much better! Emily is home from her hip surgery in Spokane, doing better each day and we are looking forward to colder temps this week and maybe a little snow. Why not? We are just snug as bugs in rugs here! Maybe we'll even bake a few cookies. I may be a Christmas Crazy but most of the Santas and the big tree aren't going up until Thanksgiving. I know I start really early but it's our favorite time of year so why not enjoy, for a good length of time, all the hard work it takes to put it up? Been listening to Christmas music for at least 2 months now! hee hee
Getting back to Kristen Noel...that cute girl on the roof...her birthday is on Christmas day! Maybe that's why she loves to get the holiday rollin! Can't believe my "baby" will be 15!!

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