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Friday, November 12, 2010

Design Dazzle

If I was in a painful state physically and had to "go to a happy place" to focus my mind on something else, this would be a place where I would like to "go". So serene and cheerful. Love the dresser being used as a side server and I'm always smitten with Chinese lanterns. 
Photo from the blog Design Dazzle
My daughter recently had surgery and of course they gave her the ever-dreaded IV just prior to surgery. She HATES needles and has been known to faint. Well, we try to distract her attention away from that torturous procedure and I kept telling her, "Emily go to the Christmas Cottage".We had just been perusing a new Christmas magazine from Southern Lady and both of us fell in love with this darling cottage.

Photo from Cristmas Cottage by Southern Lady

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