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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Farm Girl

I wanna be a farm girl!  A few of you know that but I've been thinking about it alot lately. Would love to have a few acres, a studio/shop in a big ole barn somewhere with age-old trees around it, wear worn cowgirl boots that have chicken shiznit on them from collecting the eggs, have a few chickens and goats and maybe a barn cat or 2, have a big garden with pumpkins, squash, rhubarb, potatoes, and onions. Thinking: wonder if my Shih-tzu dog would be considered livestock...hmmm.

Well this a.m. when I was perusing blogs for inspiration for my day, I stumbled upon The Urban Farmgirl   Heavens! I started hyperventilating then emailed my friend Cathee and told her she just had to go look at that blog, especially the Dec. 7, 2010 post about the Northwind Perennial Farm in Burlington, WI. Cathee and I have talked for years about having a cute antiques/stuff shop in a cute old outbuilding some day. This is the dream through blog pictures for sure! Take a peek! (As always you can click on the pic to enlarge) Enjoy!

What, what...oh...sorry....better wake up before I hurt somebody!  Never hurts to dream though right?


  1. Love this, I want one in Ohio too. I did scoop out a little piece of property with a pond on it, that I'm thinking about buying. Hope your dreams come true, too.

  2. Dear Dreams can come true,
    You Go Girl! You buy that land and stock that pond with fish! Just keep 'Livin the Dream'!

  3. Wow, what great photos. I actually recently visited a sheep shearing farm and had a blast-lol.

    Hope you have a great holiday!

  4. I share your dream and sometimes feel conflicted by my pull of country life although for now I am sure I am supposed to be in the Village. I hope you make your dreams, whatever they may be, come true!