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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Note: I tried to post this on Christmas but my stupid awsome server was having problems!

Our daughter Kristen was born on Christmas day 15 years little present we ever received on Christmas!! She is our youngest, a total kick in the pants, great sense of humor, darling sense of style and excited to take driver's ed soon! EEK! About a week ago I asked her what I should blog about and she wrote a little something for me. I told her I would save it and post it on her birthday on to see what she wrote about herself as if it was coming from me.

Kristen the birthday girl (left) with her sister Emily.

Kristen and her brother Landon on their way to their cousin's wedding.
As Per Kristen: My almost 15 year old daughter just informed me a few weeks ago that she is going to college at oxford university. Then after she graduates she is going to become the first women President. But as it turns out she doesnt want to become president anymore. Instead she is going to become an actress and her and her brother are going to move to Beverly hills and live together while he works at Costco. She is quite an intelligent person.

Kristen (middle) and friends

Kristen (Rt) and cuzin Ashton
Kristen (center) and friends, Winter Formal.
Kristen and friend Erika.
 Funny girl that Kristen! I'm a bit disappointed about her not becoming president because she had said I could decorate the White House for Christmas while she was living there. Oh well....on to plan B...whatever that is!

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