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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Merry July???

Talk about crazy weather around the country this year!! Well here in Montana we have had a very long winter, a long cool Spring and odd summer. This past week we've had temps in the 80's but later in the day we get a few thunder showers. Yesterday the rain came, followed by hail. Lots of hail! Some of it was pea size and some almost the size of ping pong balls! Looks like a lovely winter snowfall doesn't it? The give-away clue here is the green grass under the "snow/hail". My daughter and her friend couldn't resist going out and playing in it (notice the bare feet which turned out to be very COLD feet!! Goofy teenagers little angels!


  1. I think I'm matching your weather only no hail here. Those angels had the right idea, though! "Make lemonaide"

    I'm so glad to see the sun this morning and maybe it will get up to 70! ♥

  2. oh my, that looks lovely and scary at the same time [only cause it's July ;) ]

    Hope you are having a nice/warmer weekend