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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The Fall/Autumn magazines and catalogs are just brimming with warm, seasonal fabulousness (is that a word?)!! They never fail to bring us tons of inspiration do they?  Click on the name under each pic to view their web sites. Enjoy!
Pottery Barn

Country Living

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sewing with Laminated Fabric

I have finally had a chance to tidy up the sewing room and get busy on the machine! Made a sample of  my Mod Girl Purse pattern for The Sewing Palace last week. They have received a few new rolls of laminate fabrics and this pink/red one is designed by Joel Dewberry.  I enjoy using laminate fabrics and hope to find a few more ideas to use some in! Maybe when my daughter brings home her school books I'll nab them and give them a fresh cover of laminate instead of the basic old boring brown-bag cover! There are some tips and tricks to sewing with laminate and Amy Butler has grasciously posted them on her web site. You can find them here.
The Mod Girl Purse
Also made a couple of apron samples for the quilt shop too. These were made using My "Charm"ing Apron Pattern. They have some adorable Halloween fabrics so thought we'd get a jump-start on that Holiday. I made this one a little longer than normal so it looks especially long on my sweet daughter "model".

The new pattern for My Full "Charm"ing Apron Pattern is almost finished and here is how it looks with the bib added to it. The half and full apron patterns are both completely reversible so you really have two aprons in one!  (As always, you can click on each picture to view a larger image).

Front - Pieced skirt and pieced bib.

Revearse Side - Solid skirt, pieced bib.

You can order The Mod Girl Purse Pattern and My "Charm"ing Apron Pattern by clicking on the gadgets over on the right on my side-bar. 

Getting geared up to create a few Autumn inspired purses now that the air is cooler!
 Hope you all have a lovely Labor Day Weekend!!