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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Project in the works...

WOW FINALLY!! Can't believe I haven't posted a thing since March but I'm excited to be getting back in the swing!! We have been a little pre-occupied with some new friends that moved here a year ago from Louisiana who have 3 ADORABLE little kiddos, which basically means that we are "grandparents-in-training"!  Having little ones in the house again is so much fun! As a result of them being part of our lives I have been doing some sewing for my new little 2-year-old Piper. She has been the inspiration for my new project. Thought you might like to see a bit of a peek...still working on sizes and writing the pattern so not ready to show the whole skirt (ooops now you have a hint)! Back later with full pics!! Have a great weekend!!